Dalton, 21 , Ever changing...

I'm complicated to put it mildly

My bloging changes over time. So I get on kicks and patterns and spam alot of the same thing. You have been warned!

Pokemon , DragonBall Z . Playstation.Batman, Attack on titan, Naruto, Yu yu hakisho,
XBOX 360, Collectors edition ,

I dabble in making music and writing.

I write Creepypasta.

My work will be upcoming soon after I get it all together.

MUSIC= Coheed and Cambria, Hey Ocean, Wavves , BestCoast, The Fall of Troy, Drake, Big Sean, Ariana Grande. ECT



All For You - Sister Hazel


Zedd ft. Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant - Find You

A view of me

I’m just a dreamer trapped in this morbid joke of a reality. I long for freedom the same way a caged bird dose as it stares in to the open blue sky day in and day out. I am bound by the will to please the ones I love and the ties I refuse to let go. A bitter sweet reminder of the fact that I’m never really alone an at the same time I live in a word full of emptiness. I’m a Son a Brother and Best friend a Lover a Fighter and a Rebel to the defiant end. I am all and all is one you can not gain with out sacrifice and sometimes this is a ideal that is necessary in life to move forward a prostitution of equal and equivalent exchange. For what are we if not simple beings of needs that unbalance our wants.

Forever live in out hearts…Prismo
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I feel like every new episode of Adventure Time makes this gif feel even more appropriate



R.I.P. Prismo